Seeking someone to build a model


I’ve been asked if I know anyone who would like to quote for the creation of a model. Some info below. But email me ( if you want more detail.

The brief I have is very simple so the materials aren’t clear but it seems to be open to your design. I assume wood, metal and/or plastic would be fine. It is basically a big coil/helix covered in LEDs, which must be connected so that there are different groups of LEDs that can be controlled independently. So some electronics knowledge is needed. The whole model is about 30cm long.


cough no info @Ben


I could probably do this, what’s his timescale?


Robin, you were exactly the person I thought of when this skimmed over my mailbox.

I’ll forward on the details we got.


Actually… @crx091081gb Ben did sent it to your QUB address earlier.


@crx091081gb – Wot Bolster sed.

I can put you directly in touch with my contact who sent it to me. I’m pretty clueless, and very late in responding. Typical.



Yeh sorry I got the email but responded here because I thought that’s what all the cool kids were doing now. Email me his address and I’ll have a chat with him.