Space improvement notification thread


Hey. So minor improvements and updates are made to the space all the time, and it’s about time we had a way of communicating them with everyone. It is recommended you subscribe to this topic.



Just a quick reminder that the tall fridge in Farset contains member-owned beverages too. Some stuff has been going missing (coke cans, desserts, etc.) Basically if it’s not beer, it’s not yours

To make things easier, two shelves have been labelled for Farset provided stuff (please donate!) and two for member owned stuff.

Thanks everyone.


After a few helping hands and much work on my part, we now have a brand new, stable (pfft) WiFi system in the space.

The new system is still being tested heavily and there may be disruptions. If you have any trouble over the next few weeks please message me or tweet @FarsetNetwork to get a quick response.


What are the details of the new network? (SSIDs, VLANs, type of AP, etc)


Same as before, but with awesome Ubiquiti products. There’ll be a project write-up about this very soon.