Storage policies of space-owned/donated/member equipment


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I’m thinking more along the lines of disincentivising members leaving their own (non-donated) equipment in the space. [/quote]

I think there’s a fine line here, and what we really need is to be more strict about what type
of equipment we want people to store. Nobody wants a store full of old broken printers obviously, but if people can’t keep their more useful equipment here it means they’re more likely to just work with it at home and not come to the labs at all.

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Yeah I see what you mean, the idea needs fleshed out. Ideally the only member equipment stored in the space is that that’s being actively made use of and less of broken equipment appearing and then disappearing once fixed.


There’s a few categories I see equipment falling under that is at the Labs:

  • Farset owned equipment - purchased, bought, and owned solely by Farset Labs Llc.
  • Donated equipment - owned by Farset, donated by a member / muggle
  • Member owned, loaned equipment - owned by a member, but free for use by the space / other members
  • Private member equipment - equipment for sole use by it’s owner (a member)

If we have an effective tagging system, it would be easy to have some of the following happen:

  • Someone sees equipment left out, scans it and it is private member equipment, can then return it to member’s project box
  • Someone wants to mess about with something they’ve found, brings it to a scanner, and sees what the conditions are for that piece of kit

Also I’d probably guess that things like personal laptops, etc. would remain untagged, but as a result cannot be stored anywhere in the space except for temporary hold. This should help us reduce our ‘member left their shit everywhere’ clutter.


What are these project boxes you speak of…


Oh there was a bunch of project boxes purchased in Ikea ages ago. They’re in the workshop I believe. Lids and everything.


I’m a new member. Hello. I’d like to set up a box for my private stuff AND things. It is ok if I sticker and plant it on the shelf space?


Ah, just found the thread with the spreadsheet.