Tornamona: The Fixer for NI 'Open' Data

Finally got off my ass and packaged up a simplified data transformer for the NISRA data that I was bitching about;


!pip install tornamona
from tornamona.fixes import nisra

dataset = nisra.WeeklyDeaths().get().clean()'Week Start', y=['Total Deaths','COVID19 Deaths'])


Collaboratory to fuck around in

It’d be really fun to start sharing ‘best practice’ on fixing these kinda things, with an eye to upstream data owners to

  1. recognise that people out here do want to help them
  2. see that if they invest in making data easy to use, more people will be able to use it!

I am shit at packaging and all the fancy automation stuff but I tried my best to make this pretty simple, and collaborators / PR’s / Issues / Ideas are very welcome, including but not limited to ‘This data is shit to work with, how would you tidy it up?’