Twitter @infosecni

Managed to acquire the @infosecni account.

Can I get suggestions for:

  • Profile Pic
  • Blurb
  • Accounts to follow
  • Automation tools / integrations

If anyone wants to take it on, PM me for the password

I wouldn’t want to take it on alone, but I’d like to repost local security stuff there, but is local UK/all-island/NI only, does it include general news, etc?
Let’s have a really quick chat at the next meeting about what the scope should be, so if multiple ppl are posting it has some consistency with our objectives?
I don’t have my Twitter in lists so I’d have to trawl through, but a lot of the ManyHatsClub ppl are on this island, and there’s a couple UK Women in Infosec things like InfoSecHoppers, etc.

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