Ulster Bank Hackathon 13th - 15th Feb @ The Mac



Ulster Bank together with the Open Bank Project invites you to the 9th edition of Hack (Make!) The Bank which will be held from February 13th to 15th at The Mac in Belfast.

Hack (Make!) the Bank is a global series of Fin Tech Hackathons which are dedicated to realising tomorrow’s banking and financial solutions. This hackathon will bring together programmers, designers and members of the financial services industry to debate, design, code and pitch ideas on themes related to the challenges set below.

Developers won’t have access to real customer data but will instead use the Open Bank Project API ‘sandbox’ to simulate access to customer data and banking services as well as other API’s and data sets.

Have read through the T&C’s and they’re being sensible about IP etc. Some cool prizes on offer from Parrot AR 2 drones, Go-Pro Hero cameras, Beat headsets, to some tickets to the 6 Nations.

Hopefully this is a sign of UB engaging with the tech community on a more practical level.


Hmm… short notice, on Valentine’s weekend. I mean, Valentine’s day isn’t sacrosanct, but it’s… an interesting choice. raise-eyebrow


Yeah, I was gonna raise the “Oh, of course the geeks won’t be doing anything on Valentines Day” issue with them but thought it wasn’t worth it…

Also I don’t believe they’re doing it straight through, i.e. they close, so it may be ok. but either way, it’s a vaguely insulting state of affairs. :smile:

Course, fact I’m in another country for V-Day doesn’t make me bitter at all…


The post title got my hopes up.


Hi there, Ismail from Berlin’s Open Bank Project here, we’re organising this hackathon together with Ulster Bank. Hope I can meet some of you tomorrow :slight_smile: