Ultimaker Official Heated bed


Ultimaker announced this at the NY Maker faire:

Just under £200 for a more stable z-stage plus heated bed, with the controller modifications included.


Very keen on an official package as opposed to hack-jobs, especially if we’re offering the printer for other people to use. £200 seems very reasonable, considering this puts us out of our blue tape misery.


well someone still needs to fix the printer.or is it fixed?


An excellent question - it was undergoing some testing yesterday. @Conor , can you confirm fully working?


The printer is still not in working condition. When auto home is selected, the bed rises up and hits the nozzle significantly. I think the nozzle is too low.
Since I didn’t put the parts in, I don’t know how it’s assembled. I can’t confidently disassemble this to investigate without the risk of making it worse.


Would the person who broke it in the first place come and fix it. Is it that hard to own up?


I’ve put it together last Sunday.
The sensor most likely need to be moved down, I will have a look at it over the weekend.


It wasn’t broken by a particular person.
The nozzle cracked and spilled plastic all over.
When parts arrived I assembled it back.

Regarding the heating bed - well, we can put this replacement and spend £200 if they are available.
We can also put my heated glass as alternative.
I’m waiting for one more heated pad to arrive and going to cut stainless steel bed replacement as third option.

Software update for the heated bed upgrade for Ultimaker Original came about 3-4 weeks ago and is available online.
Alternatively I can setup marlin software for all the hardware used.


That’d be super.
If you can get a test print out of it, then I think we’re flying!


Printer is up and running

Heated bed - will work on it later.

Also fellas if like it - I can put different display on it.
Something like this:
Full Graphics Controller


I think the priority is to keep it up and running as much as possible. When the 3D printer is up and running, it’s very good for Farset’s outreach (and getting people to use it). People can correct me if priorities differ.

If it wouldn’t take too much time to replace, and would remain fully compatible with the existing controller (for 3D file import from Cura), the fancier controller is worth considering for a future planned upgrade.


Yeap, it is fully compatible and straight forward to replace.
Ebay link for this controller

Also - I propose to paint the printer.
1st - improves look.
2nd - improves stability/humidity resistance.


the heated bed installed and all the updates too.
The power supply is too weak and switch off whenever the bed is working.

There are two possibilities in this case.
Use separate powersupply and some transistor/relay to control it - for example there’s someone’s 13V 6A PSU that I tested it with.
However the motors can’t run on this voltage.

Alternatively we need to buy 6-7A (or even 10A) 19V powersupply to replace the existing one.

Could anyone get:
or this one from Maplin?

And who is the owner of a couple of 13V power supplies from underneath the working desk in the Project Room?
Could we use one of them for the printer heated bed?
It would be the best solution due to the power the bed is taking


@Costa, we agreed during the town hall on Monday, at which you were present, that now that the 3D printer was working, that there was to be no more modifications to the printer until further approval. Notes are available here.

We also did not decide on whether to go for a custom solution, or the official heated bed kit (of which there is an overwhelming preference for). We specifically agreed and sanctioned a project for members to create their own printer, to encourage tinkering without affecting the existing, crowd funded printer that is supposed to be available to everyone.

On Friday, when it was discovered the printer was rendered inoperable, the following sign was placed on the printer, informing members to NOT TOUCH the printer until further notice.

It appears that since then, and despite the sign being pointed out to you by a fellow member on Saturday, you continued to work on the printer despite all of the above.

I’m actually quite shocked at this constant disregard for other people’s property, and for clear rules set out in the space. I can’t make it any clearer, but no-one, including yourself, is allowed to modify, or permanently alter, any space-owned equipment without prior approval by appropriate NEMs or Directors.

Projects NEM, any comments?


It was agreed that since the 3D printer was finally in a working state, no changes were to be made.

As far as I understand the 3D printer is now once again unusable as it cannot be powered? This is not acceptable, this is core space equipment and is supposed to be available for use (not modification) by members at any time.

From this point on only NEMs and Directors may touch it until further notice. Hopefully we can get it working again and replace the bed with one it can power, so that the members can actually use it.

@Costa please do not touch the 3D printer any further for any reason.


I’ve fixed it, as well as updated the bed.
If not me - the printer would be in inoperable state for another 2-3 months so it wouldn’t change much.

Let’s get the relay and install additional power supply - you will have functional piece of equipment.

The printer is, and was operable, you can put masking tape on top of the glass table and have warped prints as before.

I don’t want to go into confrontation, I prefer collaboration.
I hope you would agree with my position and we will be able to work constructively in the future.

In any case - get the relay and connect it like this:

The wires that are currently connected there are polarised.
Red one - for (+)
Black one - for (-).
Also - controlling coil has resistivity of about 270Ohms.
Voltage - 19V, controlling voltage supposed to be 12.
Add 100Ohms resistor in series to the controlling coil and a diode - optionally.


We haven’t yet decided what is to be done regarding the bed, and I am not happy with continued modifications without consulting the directors. The 3D printer is not a member project, it is Farset-owned equipment.

It was working, and now it is not, and to my understanding @Costa that’s due to your modifications (after you were asked not to modify it any further). It is not appropriate that you continued to change it when you were clearly and politely asked not to, that’s not cool.

I repeat, nobody (including yourself) is to touch the 3D printer until further notice.

  • It was working on Monday.
  • We agreed that no more changes were to happen to the printer.

I don’t care what relays you think we need or what you’ve done to it. As I pointed out in my previous reply, we’ve agreed that there should be a member project to build a tinker friendly printer, as there is obviously a demand, and we cannot afford to be without a working 3D printer, that was funded by our members and community alike.

You broke clear cut rules and I don’t care for what loss or gain. Members came down to print on Friday, and were unable to as a result of your tinkering.


Masking tape as before and printer would print the same way as before.
If anyone would mentioned it in Discourse, I could give a hand.

I repeat again, I don’t want confrontation, I want to collaborate.
So let’s calm down emotions and act constructively.


So guys, have you discussed it?
When and who is finishing the heating bed?