Virtual Event: InfoSecNI Watch-Along Movie Night - "Snowden" @ 7pm 11th July!

Hello everyone! With the success and fun of our previous few community lockdown movie nights, we thought we’d host another one. This time, with a slightly more serious movie, we’ll be watching “Snowden”; the docu-drama about Edward Snowden, the famous whistleblower. This event will be a watch-along , so we’ll not be providing the media, but we’d encourage you to obtain it via rental or otherwise and join in the discussion as we watch on Twitter, Discourse and Keybase.

Our Twitter is here if you’d like to give us a follow:

And our Discord Server.

Available to rent on:

Any questions/comments, please either Tweet at us, DM us, or comment on this thread!

We’re ramping up to host more hardcore and educational cyber security themed events such as certification study groups! Make sure to check out our other polls for this, and of course come and say hello on our Discord server! :slight_smile: