Virtual Infrastructure: Azurised CTFd and Juiceshop for infrastructure-free collaborative hackery

Last night, we had intended to do a ‘show and hack’, but we got distracted by infrastructure.

Virtual Meetup: Juicing the JuiceShop @ 6pm 20th May

So, instead, we used some spare Microsoft Azure credits that are donated to Farset Labs and lo and behold;

  1. The Hackable JuiceShop:
  2. The Shared Scoreboard:

Scoreboard you say? Why yes! Now, this is in no means a competition and there will be no prizes, but with a longer term persistent progress, we can all drop in and out when it suits, see what we did last, and solve a ‘challenge’ over lunch without having to spin up any core infrastructure.

So sign up to the scoreboard and start hacking the JuiceShop.

If you want to play along with your own infrastructure, the CTF_KEY is infosecni_d34db33f, and check out here for instructions for how to update your images so your CTF ‘Flags’ match those generated by the scoreboard.

Happy Hacking!

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(Also it’s all being hosted as Azure App Services, so if you’re the first person accessing the services, cold booting can take up to 30 seconds on the first request…)