Virtual Meetup: Juicing the JuiceShop @ 6pm 20th May

After our first workshop session on secure VM operation, InfoSecNI is back again!

We’re all going to get together and hack the most insecure web application imaginable; Juice Shop.

It’s recommended that before attending you get set up with a local VM infrastructure (i.e. One snapshotted instance of the Juice Shop on your local machine set up, see instructions here).

We would also recommend reading through the first Part of the JuiceShop Guide

The meetup is going to be a peer-learning, collaborative ‘hack’, where we can show off things we got to work, and ask questions about things that didn’t work, or how these attacks can be prevented (or automated).

We’re currently choosing between a couple of conference options to best facilitate the collaborative nature of the event, but watch this space and we’ll let you know!

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Hey! How do we join this session? I can’t seem to find any zoom/hangouts meeting link, not exactly sure where to look! :smiley:

Lol, I was just looking for that myself!

Realised I never picked anything so will do

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