Virtual Meetup: Virtual Machine Crash Course


(Google Hangout / Streaming Link)

Learn how Virtual Machines work, and how to securely run VM’s for cybersecurity experimentation and research.

An online meetup and workshop run by @Tee, a local ‘Security Threat Exploit Researcher’.

In this session we’ll be building up towards running our own JuiceShop

After the main workshop, we’ll break into groups and play around with the JuiceShop in a collaborative manner.

A fantastic first event for anyone who ever wanted to explore Web Application Security but didn’t know where to start.

While you’re here, check out What this group is about, say hello and introduce yourself, and feel free to ask questions and discuss the event in this thread!

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In the spirit of openness, and for those who are interested in perusing the slides ahead of time I have popped them up on github. Feedback welcome unless it is about my terrible sense of humour, that is a known issue and doctors say they can do nothing for me.

The goal is to keep things as simple as possible so even people who have never heard of VMs can get involved.

The hapless Tee


I know you mentioned running CTFs before so you will definitely have the knowledge already, but if you need any info on running juice-shop in conjunction with CTFd, I’ve set it up a couple of times recently so that they can work together, backups to restore the state of CTFd can easily be run and different levels of difficulty (in terms of the hints provided) can be displayed. Just let me know if you would like a writeup of some of that stuff!

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That would be an interesting read, I have not played with CTFd never mind integrating it with something like juiceshop.

In other news TIL github has size limits and my juiceshop appliance would need to setup LFS. So I’ll be doing that or find somewhere else to host it, apologies for the delay.

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@Tee Farset has some onsite storage and some offsite blob storage. I’ll PM you credentials for and then share the links in here once it’s pushed up

Homework for next session (probably around 2 weeks away)

That’s it! Thanks again to @Tee for a fantastic kick off session, and hopefully see some of you tonight for Hackers from 7pm!

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I wrote up that info on setting up CTFd with Juice Shop. If anyone wants to have a play around with it locally they’re welcome to, you don’t have to be planning to set up a CTF yourself to have a wee look!

Fingers crossed that link works and makes sense. Let me know if there’s anything that isn’t clear enough!

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@bhamill638 that’s awesome! Thanks!

I dunno what the best approach is but if the consensus was that it made sense to put together a ‘knowledgebase’, our page is just a githubpages markdown that could be augmented, or we can use the wiki functionality.

Or if you’re putting together this as part of your own knowledge base, we could just have a ‘page-o-links’ on the for sharing? :smiley:

I’m happy for it to go on :smiley: haven’t even considered having my own knowledge base yet haha