Wanted - 27" or 32" 4:3 TV / Monitor for Arcade Machine


Hi folks,

The screen setup for the arcade machine has gone Pete Tong ( old CRT TV, with VGA / Scart converter box ), so I’m going to rip it out and put in a regular flat screen tv or monitor.

The issue is that the new monitor needs to be a non-widescreen one ( 4:3 ), so it needs to be an old(ish) model - all new models seem to be widescreen.

Also, the diagonal measurement of the screen are 32" ( full screen ) and 27" ( within the bezel, if you look behind the glass you’ll see the black plastic mask border).

If anyone knows where I might get my hands on one, please let me know! It would be cool to get it up and running again for people to play


Hi, I left a monitor at the space earlier. I’m not sure it’s exactly what you want but it has a scart connector. I was given it as working but I didn’t try it. If it’s not suitable and not useful I can collect it again. There was no one around when I called, so I left it.