Who's interested in a demonstration of motion capture hardware?


Just putting some feelers out - as some of you may know I research human movement using a motion capture (mocap) system (Qualisys Oqus) and associated hardware like:

Force platforms
Inertial sensors

This work is carried out at Ulster University in the Jordanstown campus and has involved elite sports-persons like Rory McIlroy and Darren Clarke. The equipment is not limited to sports-related applications however and is identical to the equipment used for movie and videogame mocap.

Would any of you like to visit the lab and see a demonstration of the equipment? I was thinking of doing a 2 hour session where I demonstrate the principles, capture some movement and answer any questions.


Definitely interested. Actually meant to ask you a while ago if the Qualisys set-up that UUJ have can be hired/lent to other applications - more media-related?


Yeah that’d be interesting to see.


In theory there’s no reason why not. It should be noted that the equipment is very expensive. A single camera can cost > £6000. As a result it’s obvious why the head of department would be skittish about the idea.

We routinely have undergrads and masters students in the labs to carry out work there (usually I’m running the system) but it has yet to go further afield.

In brief, maybe.

Regarding a demo: If we could get six people interested I’d be happy to run the demo on either a weekday evening or a weekend (preferably a Saturday).


Ok, to stop the usual cycle of “you propose a date and time”, “no you propose a date and time”. How does Saturday 7th Feb. suit people?

I’ll be running the astro demo that evening in Farset (weather permitting) so if you feel you can put up with listening to me for a few more hours I’d be happy to run the mocap demo from around 1pm until something like 3pm then head in to the city for stargazing.


7th doesnt work for matt. Sorry.


Afraid I’m not available during the day on the 7th - prior arrangements.


Swing and a miss there @martinus!

There’s definitely strong (not necessarily vocal) interest, so do what I usually do and pick a date out of a hat at least 2 weeks away and if people can’t make it with that kinda notice, they can wait for the next one :smiley:


Indeed. :smiley:
Didn’t want to commit to another date until I can assess lab availability.

Need more vocal people! :stuck_out_tongue:


Will admit, does sound rather interesting. Am interested in a visit to have a bit of a look.