Workshop redesign project


We are finally at the stage of completely reworking the workshop in Farset Labs to allow us to more safely, and extravagantly, blow shit up and build awesome projects. This first post will be pinned to show the current status of the workshop rework, and highlight points of interest.

Current status: Layout Planning

We are currently planning the layout of the workshop, to accomodate all current and predicted future equipment, and to offer as much space to work in as cleanly and effectively as possible.

Are you a designer? Have ideas? POST BELOW! :grinning:

Google Docs link: TBD

Workshop & Electrical upgrade
Project: Moar Members

I am a Building & Structural Finisher and would be more than willing to do any work or give advice on anything you guys have planned for the space.


With the fantastic work @John_Devine has been doing in the back part of the space, the workshop and storage area is now nearly twice it’s size! (Better photos to come)

With this extra space we will finally be able to have a fully functioning, spacious environment to blast all the heavy duty tools we so eagerly desire. We still need your help to work out what it will contain.

  • What sort of tools are you most likely to use if you came to use the workshop?
  • Are you skilled at efficient layout and design and want to give a hand coming up with / building the workshop?
  • Are you working on a project that could do with semi-permanent to permanent floor space / storage?
  • Will you be working with tools / chemicals / equipment that would require special consideration?

It is crucial at this stage that everyone’s needs and desires are met during the planning stage. Please, help us out and leave a comment below! :wink:


Matt and I had already talked with John about putting the beer brewing stuff in the back left of the room as you look at it from the door. We’ve got pipe to connect the water supply to the new tap for that down there already. Hard to explain any further without drawing it out or actually being there. It strikes me that this discussion might be a lot easier to have in person rather than online, since it’s a lot easier to visualise dimensions, access problems, routes for cables, safety issues etc when you’re actually in the place. I’m assuming here that the directors don’t have access to the building plans or anything that we could put online with relatively accurate dimensions?


Actually one suggestion that I do have is that the 3D printer is kept out of the workshop. The reasoning here being 1.) how well does it work if dust gets into the plastic while it’s being deposited? and 2.) It’s a lot safer than most other tools, so if you had people who just wanted to use it, then you could probably get away without giving them full workshop safety training as long as it was in a separate room.


@Colin_Kelsey John was saying to about your first concern he is planning to build a case so dust does not get in to the 3d printer.I noise of the 3d printer puts some people of when working at the desks.
@stealthii will everyone wanting to use the workshop have to have safety training? What is there to stop anyone with out training to go into the workshop?


HOH torch for metal work! :smiley:


Hannah, IIRC the plan is to have a ‘legally sufficient’ number of posters around the place reminding people that if they don’t know how something works, or just aren’t sure, they should probably ask for help.

Ironically enough, putting together a full ‘training programme’ would probably get us in more trouble rather than less. It really depends on what ends up in there but realistically unless we get a lathe or blowtorches (which most people won’t use anyway) the ‘don’t be a dick’ policy protects us. What should be done though is to have a sign in sheet for anyone using any equipment in the workshop that incorporates a basic disclaimer that says “I am sufficiently confident in my ability to use this peice of equipment, and I’d be an idiot to continue if I didn’t”.

As for “begsying”, I’d like to request that a space is kept for an A3 60W lasercutter, just in case :smiley:


I second the desire for space for a laser cutter :slight_smile:


Could we use an on-line room planning tool to map out room usage for the workshop (and Farset as a whole)?

I couldn’t find a multi-user tool, but there appear to be a lot of free systems that a single log-in could be shared for in the interim. Alternatively, subvert a shared spreadsheet.

It might help us to prioritise those items that are in high-demand, or definitely required, while retaining some empty space for future or flexible use. There is a high-demand for storage/shelves, and wall space for large/heavy static machinery. So would it need to be planned to include the amount of space needed?



My personal feelings on this is that we’ve been out of action for long enough and need to settle back into something asap. I suspect this will come up in the town hall in a few minutes, but meh.

Storage is the big priority at the minute, followed by generic “heavy duty” workstations. Unfortunately, unless something has changes, we still can’t get rid of those fecking tables. They appear to structurally pre-date the rest of the building(!).

If there had been a multi-user floor planning tool, we’d probably have used it. Considering that a lot of the additions that are being made are above-floor-level (shelves, desks, etc) so I doubt there’d be any free-cheap solutions to 3d collaborative design. Nice idea for a startup though :wink:

Good luck at the town hall and lets get some consensus building going!


I fear that phrase “consensus building” … its like getting a group of socialist together to build a government… progress dies in the crossfire of indecision :frowning:


These are the materials I have available so far…


One initial thought. In time we might have a pretty comprehensive tech library for everyone to use (borrow tools, leads, reference materials, devices, etc.). So I’d love to see any kit organised in a way that it is easily recorded, found, managed and returned. We can work this out in time, just planting a seed.

Mebbe a bit like this:

Love the help you’re giving, thanks man.


I was thinking of getting all the tools together and then donating some of my own on top to create a sort of tool board on the wall like you would find in a tech workshop at school or James May’s kitchen.
That way they are all visible, easy to find and easy to spot when one isnt left back in its place.


That sounds like a great approach. Good point about making missing kit visible, too.


Ill be in Farset tomorrow if anyone want to throw an idea or two about


Wiring work in the labs currently underway, as I’m working solely with what I have spare, if anyone has any electrical equipment whether it be cable, sockets, plug faces, switches lying around the garage etc, it would be awesome if these items and the like were donated to make the electrical infrastructure so much better laid out and to provide safe areas for heavy tinkering etc

Thanks :slight_smile:


So there was work over the weekend involving a major cleanup of the new workshop, and the results are spectacular! A big thanks to everyone who was down to make this magic happen.

Yes, this photo does seem uninspiring. Here’s a before shot:

Timelapse video to follow!


Now with the place a bit cleaner, it’s time to start planning the layout. I know some people have different ideas about where things should be, or what equipment is going in the workshop. To help everyone work this out we probably need to have an in-person session.

It’s possible the workshop layout will be raised at tonight’s town hall meeting, but it’s beneficial people throw different ideas/plans here so that we can discuss them.