Coderdojo Electronic Course [events] (4)
Artemis beginners evening [events] (3)
European Code Week at Farset [events] (3)
Astronomy talk ( 2 ) [events] (24)
Software Patents Seminar [events] (1)
Civic Conversation Events: Impact of IndyRef and RSA Ireland Conf [events] (1)
Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam [events] (8)
EU Code Week [events] (3)
Data Science Events? [events] (3)
ByteNight: Anyone for a sleepover? [events] (10)
AlertLogic Dark Web Event Thurs 25th Sept @ The Mac [events] (1)
Coderdojo September/ Winter term Meeting (12th September) [events] (3)
SI Camp (Social Innovation) [events] (1)
Open Data Challenge workshop (Mon 25th August) [events] (2)
First Northern Ireland Open Data Challenge [events] (6)
Raspberry Jam (Sat 19th) [events] (17)
PR, Branding & Marketing Development Thurs 25 July [events] (10)
Any Hackathon events coming up? [events] (14)
Meteor Hackathon? [events] (3)
(Mini) Gathering Of Lightning volunteers needed @ 3pm on Saturday 20th June **FREE PASS** [events] (1)
Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator ( 2 ) [events] (28)
Gathering of Lightning Strikes Twice (5th, 21st June) [events] (3)
Crypto Currency seminar [events] (1)
Farset Crew for Maker Day (30-31st May) [events] (1)
Free Belfast Sound Map Workshop at the Ulster Museum (Sun 25th May) [events] (2)
NISRA Open Data Challenge Workshop - (Fri 30th May) [events] (3)
Learning Electronics Together [events] (4)
Big Data Week at Farset (5th-9th May) [events] (13)
TotalMobile CodeForBetter (Mon 12th May) [events] (3)
LAN Game Saturday (19th April) - RTS/FPS hybrid times return [events] (5)