Come on in and say hello! (Introduce yourself thread)

Hey, thanks for stopping by, why not say hello?

Feel free to tell us as much or as little as you like about;

  • who you are?
  • how you got an interest in infosec?
  • whether you work or study or something else?
  • whether you’d like to help out?
  • what sort of events or topics you’d like to see?
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It’s Gillian from the hackathons and now working with NI Cyber to help transform it from a loose network of companies in the same broad space into a collaborative cluster.


Hi, it’s Susan here from PSNI’s cyber prevent. I work alongside a number of different organisations (governmental, education and private industry) in relation to preventing people from getting involved in cyber dependant crime and I would like to share a working knowledge of the legislation surrounding cyber dependant criminality and some guidance in relation to initiatives that have been set up for young people and communities as alternatives to getting involved in crime.

Unfortunately given the current Covid-19 situation, I am not currently engaging in my normal way of going out and speaking to groups, so this is a good opportunity for people to engage online and share ideas and information.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries.


Hi all,

I’m Gerard, I’m a software engineer and I’ve zero experience in infosec but a real interest in it.
I’m really just hoping to have some craic and learn some stuff as I go.


Found this board through twitter, I am pleased to see there is a local scene.

I thought it was really strange that our infosec community seems really quiet when you see the amount of press around the cyber security scene here!

I’d love to help out in any way. I have the OSCP fwiw.

Is there a discord/irc?

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I know you have it already now, but the Discord is here:
We’re slowly moving everything over there.